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  • Best choice


    $0.00per month
    Very popular free plan for abssolute beginers, no maintenance fee.

    5 products

    Revenue up to $5,000.00

    12% transaction fee

    NO microstore

  • Plus

    $15.00per month
    Good plan for small store or beginners, economical and with many options.

    25 products

    Revenue up to $5,000.00

    12% transaction fee

    Vendor microstore

  • Prime

    $25.00per month
    Excelent plan, cost-effective and with flexibility to help you sell more.

    100 products

    Revenue up to $10,000.00

    10% transaction fee

    Vendor microstore

  • Unlimited

    $40.00per month
    Profesional plan, no restrictions on products or revenue and the lowest maintenance fee.

    Unlimited products

    Unlimited revenue

    8% transaction fee

    Vendor microstore